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Luxe hand-made daily essentials that create an intersection between self-care, spirituality, and the ritual of skincare. Our purposeful products are tailored specifically to you, made with love and the finest luxury ingredients. Experience the ultimate indulgence in self-care with our collection.

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Third Eye Anj, is an outlet for me to offer myself to the world. I believe in abundance and the process of creating the life you love while being aligned with God (whatever you resonate with).

An open conversation “alignment/discovery” session is for us to align so we can re.align with God, Spirit, and the Universe. Sessions consist of intuitive problem solving, developing creative methods and strategies to help cope with or resolve problematic situations and or stress in life. Discovering the roots of issues and where they come from energetically. 

 If you click the "Book a Session" link you'll be able to set up our first conversation... I look forward to hearing from you.

I can serve in a multitude of ways, from intuitive skincare guidance, reiki, sound healing, ritual development, energy readings, chakra alignment and more.

Let us align and re.align your lifestyle with your beliefs. 

Sound Healing