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Learning how to let things flow is truly an art. I did - recently, realize how much I was hurting myself and the things I wanted by not being free-flowing. Did you know that by not being fluid and mailable we are restricting our movement and ability to grow?

Learning how to let things flow is truly an art. There was a part of who I am that was always aware that I am created for something or a special gift that is specifically ordained for me. But to walk in action of that truth can be harder than it sounds or seems. Acting in genuine action of receiving your gift without knowledge of what it could be is a challenge, however, its the best challenge you will ever receive or take on.

I have recently started refocusing and controlling my thoughts. Now, I know what you're thinking: "Anj, control your thoughts? Didn't you just say be free-flowing?" You are right, that is exactly what I said, but listen to this. The art of flowing and being susceptible to all types of change is deeply rooted in exercising the mind and the control we all truly have over our lives. For some reason we all are resistant and shy away from any type of control when mastering a free and abundant life. Currently, with the way society has interpreted being free willed, free spirited and "spiritual" it kind of trains you to think that you just have to LET GO- but realize there is mind and thought control in LETTING GO.

Controlling our thoughts to flow in the direction of what is aligned with your dreams is a THING. Although something is a dream, that DOESN'T MAKE IT OUT OF REACH. But a dream without action is it really a dream? Do you even really want to achieve the dream? So, realistically is it really a dream at all?

Listen, I can get really philosophical with you.

But I am just going to leave you with my little seed planting Blog. I'll be back to talk about this more with you & tell you ALL about what is going on over here.

With Love, Always, ANJ.

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