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About Me


Anjali Patel is a spiritual development strategist, entrepreneur, and business leader focused on holistic healing, cleansing, and developing the mind, body, and soul. 


Originally from Inglewood, California, her mother and father arrived in the U.S. from the Fiji Islands. They both established businesses’ in their developed industries, influenced by her mother; while growing up, she was immersed in learning natural remedies, using herbs & Indian spices. These remedies are now a large part of her lifestyle and business models. 


Anjali is currently a Makeup Artist at M.A.C.Cosmetics living in her inner child while simultaneously fulfilling her passion for wellness.


Since 2009, Anjali has been determined to serve and grow her knowledge in holistic healing. In launching her brand, With Love Anj, she’s created a variety of unique skin-care products and developmental accountability relationships geared toward self-care for the masses.


Anjali urges clients to step into action, starting with their inner selves by setting intentions, practicing daily rituals while rooting in self-love.


Her services include Shadow Work, Reiki healing, Chakra balancing, Meditation, Birth Chart review, Cleansing, Home Blessings, and much more. 

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